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Didgaah Marketing Research Equipment

  • IN-HOUSE FOCUS GROUP FACILITY with One way mirror wall and observation room equipped with audio and video recording and CCTV system
  • Specialized room for gang survey projects with capability of exhibiting 8 to 10 Home appliances and capacity for up to 25 respondents 
  • Specialized hall for CLT projects
  •  hall for briefing/training interviewers
  • Questionnaires/samples back check room 
  • Special hall for briefing/training interviewers 
  • Questionnaires/samples back check room 
  • Separate data entry room with capability of proiding 6 operators 
  • Kitchen for CLT product tests 
  • Provision and preparation of a show room with turntable , inside space for up to 8 full-size vehicles for research projects such as Car Clinic