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Marketing Research

Marketing Research includes collecting, processing, systematic analyzing for data and information related to all services and products parameters, in the way that it connects consumers and customers to manufacturers as well as services and products suppliers via information


 Field Marketing

Field marketing consists of programming and performing marketing and selling activities via face to face and direct methods in places as attendances have physical presence. In this method, as the first step customer will be known for product, its features and benefits via trained personnel, since it will effect on his purchase decision making eventually which leads to a pleasant experience about the brand accordingly.


Marketing Consulting  

Iran market has become a competitive one to some extend, in this way there is no player alone and without any competitor.

In such atmosphere, it is something necessary and important to consider marketing issue while all companies should follow this rule. One neglects this rule, will lose the opportunity as competitors immediately will take it. So, as managers feel that they need a skill and expertise in order to perform such methods much more than past time, applying marketing consulting services is completely obvious.